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About Mates Viajeros

Mates Viajeros are Vero and Manu. We started our trip there by 2015, in Argentina. We both lived the classic story of someone who dreams of “someday” (“someday I’m going to take a trip”, “someday I’ll cut through the routine”, “someday I’ll meet other cultures”, “some day…”) and that day¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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Travel Diary – Airports are torture

We got up at the hour we decided to get up, like almost every day. It is one of the pleasures of the trip that only understands who once worked in unhealthy hours, like 8 am or something like that. We had breakfast, got up to date with social networks¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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MatePedia – Sustainable Tourism and Responsible Tourism

The Foundation for Advice and Action in Defense of Animals (FAADA) gave Mates Viajeros the seal of “responsible blogger” for “helping to promote responsible tourism with animals and raise awareness for travelers around the world” – Bravo and thanks! Now… what is it to be a “Responsible Blogger”? What¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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Thoughts – What is the homeland?

“The nation, which is what somehow identifies our patriotism, is an artificial construction, and this is already a problem because we forget that it is an artificial construction. We believe that the country is something like a belly, as a place to which we naturally belong..” One of the situations¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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Travel Diary – Loy Krathong 2016 – Chiang Mai, Thailand

[Only available in spanish… by now]. Estamos desde hace casi tres semanas recorriendo el norte de Tailandia y es tanto lo que tenemos para contar y mostrar, que no nos alcanzan las manos para ponernos al día con el blog. Pero no queremos dejar pasar más tiempo para compartir con¿Querés seguir leyendo?