Traveling Interviews – Chapter II: How to Travel and Work?


We continue with our series of “Travel Interviews”. This time we present: “Chapter II – Anna La Tana – How to travel and work?”.

In this interview Anna tells us what is the best and worst thing about being a traveler and how she makes a living while traveling.

-What’s the best thing about traveling?-


-What’s the worst thing about traveling?-

-In addition to the place I am, there is always another place where I would like to be.-

The interview took place in January 2017 in George Town, Malaysia, and the editing is from April 2017.

Thank you Anna!

Idea, script, direction, edition, photography, graphic design, animation, video, music and subtitles: Vero and Manu, The Traveling Mates.

Free software used: Gimp, Inkscape, OpenShot, Audacity.
Music: youtube audio library.

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21.04.17 – London, England

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