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Traveling Interviews – Chapter II: How to Travel and Work?

  We continue with our series of “Travel Interviews”. This time we present: “Chapter II – Anna La Tana – How to travel and work?”. In this interview Anna tells us what is the best and worst thing about being a traveler and how she makes a living while traveling.¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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Travel Interviews – Chapter I: A Traveler’s Mom

Inaugurating our new section “Travel Interviews”, today we present: “Chapter I – A Traveler’s Mom – Bety Loló Schulz”. In a ping-pong of questions and answers, Bety shares her sorrows and joys of being the mother of a traveler. The interview was made in December 2016, in Kuala Tahan –¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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Inspiration – Old Travelers – Vol. 1 – H.D. Thoreau

In this time of airplanes, buses, check-ins, gps and polycarbonate bags, any curious with a little desire and some money can travel from one end of the world to another. But if we go back 100 years ago you needed to have a courageous and adventurous spirit to travel great¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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Inspiration – Traveler’s Songs

This post is intended to list the music that accompanies our journey. Something like the soundtrack of Traveling Mates. Songs to share, generate good vibes and spread the wanderlust; to listen on the road or at home. In this list you’ll find Eddie Vedder, Arcade Fire, Red Hot Chilli Peppers,¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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Inspiration – “The secret life of Walter Mitty”

“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is one of those movies that captivates anyone who has a bit of wanderlust. Do you ever get the “i wish i could do this or that” feeling? Well, this story tries to walk that path, creating climates that leave pleasant sensations, well accompanied by¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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Inspiration – “Watching the wheels” John Lennon

Without fear of falling into the obvious, we share a song from John Lennon in its post-beatlemania stage and as a soloist. He told us that he was “just sitting there watching the wheels go round and round” and courteously rejected the advice given by “the people” to save it from¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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Inspiration – “Los Hermanos” Atahualpa Yupanqui

On the day of independence of our beloved Argentina, we share some of our folklore. Because all over the world we have so many brothers that we can’t count them, as Atahualpa said… because today we are far from home but we still feel Argentine… because we consider ourselves citizens¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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Inspiration – “Rise” Eddie Vedder

Sean Penn, director of the film “Into the Wild”, convinced Eddie Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam, to write and compose songs from the soundtrack. Previously, Vedder had composed two songs for two films. One was for the soundtrack of the 1995’s film, “Dead Man Walking”, and the other was¿Querés seguir leyendo?