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Videos – Our trip to Australia

After a while we can proudly say that Mates Viajeros has its first video with its own content. This inaugural video shows our trip to Australia in 2016 and combines some of our passions: photography, music, graphic design, etc. etc. Why did it take us so long to publish the video? First,¿Querés seguir leyendo?

Australia, Our Trip, Oceania, Videos

Videos – Didgeridoo

The story. Melbourne, Wednesday 23 May 2016 11:57 am. 14 °C. You settle your tie knot. It’s perfect, you think. Then you politely push a boy with school uniform, including his statutory shorts, and making the international sign of “excuse me, this is my stop,” you get off the 48th tram¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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Travel Tips – Great Ocean Road Budget

One of the destinations chosen by locals and foreign visitors in Australia is the route called “Great Ocean Road”. In this post we will share an important part in the consideration of any traveler on a short budget: How much is spent on a trip along the Great Ocean Road?¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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MatePedia – Kangaroos!

Let’s talk about kangaroos … yeah … let’s talk about kangaroos … Why nobody dares to tell the truth about kangaroos? We Traveling Mates are not afraid to tell you the truth about this animals. So introducing the “Things that are sure to interest everyone” section and within the chapter¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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Pics – The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a world famous route and visited by tourists all year long. It is located on the coast of the state of Victoria in southeast Australia. It’s a 244 km ride which goes from Torquay to Allansford. Driving along the winding routes you can see magnificent cliffs, beautiful¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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Pics – Melbourne part 2

Second part of our experiences in Melbourne, Australia. In this issue you can see the street art in Fitz Roy, the beaches of Saint Kilda, some of our experience living with the beautiful family of South Morang, some photos of the Melbourne CBD at night, more kangaroos and other random photos. And¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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Travel Diary – We arrived!

[Only available in spanish… by now] Llegamos a Melbourne, Australia, el martes 17 de mayo a las 8 y pico de la mañana, después de 17 horas de viaje y una escala en Aukland, Nueva Zelanda. Llegamos cansados, pero no tanto por el viaje, sino por la ansiedad que cargábamos¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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Travel Tips – How much I spent for the Aussie Work and Holiday Visa

[Only available in spanish… by now] Para aquellos que estén pensando en aplicar a la Working Holiday de Australia, paso a compartirles un resumen de los gastos que hice para tener la visa. Es decir, en concreto cuantos pesos argentinos (expresados tambien en U$S) tuve que poner. Primero que nada¿Querés seguir leyendo?