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MatePedia – Sustainable Tourism and Responsible Tourism

The Foundation for Advice and Action in Defense of Animals (FAADA) gave Mates Viajeros the seal of “responsible blogger” for “helping to promote responsible tourism with animals and raise awareness for travelers around the world” – Bravo and thanks! Now… what is it to be a “Responsible Blogger”? What¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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MatePedia – So, what’s this drink called “Mate”?

We already explained the meaning of the name of our blog “Mates Viajeros” (click here). Today we would like to tell you a little bit more about this drink, answering the many questions we receive every time someone see us taking a “mate”: What is Mate? How do you drink it?¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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MatePedia – Kangaroos!

Let’s talk about kangaroos … yeah … let’s talk about kangaroos … Why nobody dares to tell the truth about kangaroos? We Traveling Mates are not afraid to tell you the truth about this animals. So introducing the “Things that are sure to interest everyone” section and within the chapter¿Querés seguir leyendo?