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Travel Diary – Northern Thailand

[Only available in spanish… by now]. We started the trip to the Southeast Asia with an ambitious plan: as a first step we aimed to cover northern Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and maybe Myanmar. The second part would cover the beaches of southern Thailand, Malaysia (peninsular and Borneo) and Indonesia (?). All¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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Travel Tips – Planning a trip

[Only available in spanish… by now].   Planificar un viaje puede resultar un poquitin desgastante y tedioso cuando no se sabe por dónde empezar y hay demasiada información dando vueltas. Y si sos un planificador de los nuestros, de esos que no se largan a la pileta sin salvavidas, tener¿Querés seguir leyendo?

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Travel Tips – What’s Couchsurfing?

Couchsurfing is a network, which in the beginning was a nonprofit organization but now is owned by a trading company from USA, whose purpose is hospitality exchange through a social networking service. The website provides a platform in which members can stay free of charge at a local house and¿Querés seguir leyendo?