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Mates Viajeros are Vero and Manu. We started our trip there by 2015, in Argentina. We both lived the classic story of someone who dreams of “someday” (“someday I’m going to take a trip”, “someday I’ll cut through the routine”, “someday I’ll meet other cultures”, “some day…”) and that day came or, rather, we did it succeed.

We met in Ushuaia at a Couchsurfing meeting because we were both planning a trip each on our own and wanted to start getting involved with travelers to share experiences. Vero already had his ticket to travel part of South America and Manu had already applied for the Australian visa. From the beginning, things went so well between us that even having spent very little time together, we decided to accompany each other on both trips.

Since then we did not separate again and every day that passes by we continue choosing to share this adventure together. In this trip we had the opportunity to visit incredible places in countries like Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, Ireland, England and Italy and we continue with more projects and much enthusiasm to continue to travel the world. Once we leave, the idea of stopping is inconceivable!

Our motto “Another boring Travel Blog” is a joke, of course, given the immense amount of travel blogs found today on the web. We laugh at ourselves and our colleagues, always with respect because we know how difficult it is to make that decision that leads you to take the first step and then to maintain it. Besides, how difficult it is not to fall into the trite stereotype of the traveler!

This blog is the result of the fusion of our travel experiences, with our great passions and the values that we share and try to spread:

  • We have a social and environmental commitment, something that we have been cultivating for our formations in Social Psychology and Environmental Engineering. That is why we defend the slow and calm journey (although sometimes we leave the line); because we believe that it is the best way to know a place. And it is a good practice of Responsible Tourism. Living the place, knowing and getting more involved with people, makes our impact on culture, environment and economy, minor.

  • We are advocates of free culture and in particular we work a lot with free software, because we believe in the concepts of community and collaboration in all its aspects. We keep nothing of what we learn along the way and we are also open to what the experiences of others can teach to us.

  • We are lucky to work on what we are passionate about: Graphic and Web Design, Photography and Translation, and at recess we play music, write and cook (50% vegetarian). Work or hobby: we always put our heart in everything we do.

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And why Mates Viajeros?

Mate is the traditional Argentinian drink par excellence and was and still is the witness of memorable meetings, new friendships and work and study companion throughout the trip. Also in English, the word “mate” also means “companion, friend” and comes to close the concept of what it means for us. It identifies us and connects us and with others, wherever we are or in the situation we are living.

Thanks for being there!

We sincerely thank you for accompanying us on this trip and invite you to visit the blog, comment on it, spread it or whatever you feel like doing with it. The blog is made for you. And while you do it, would you like to have some mates with us? Right now we put the kettle on the fire…

Sevilla, España, 29.05.17

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